Global leaders in advanced database solutions, best-in-class electronic marketing, accounting integration, smart document management, and unsurpassed remote access / mobility

Management Systems

For sales & marketing, management, administrative and operational environments – and of course, systems for management teams to improve staff oversight & productivity

ICT Services

Reputable, cost-effective Information
& Communication Technologies
encompasses Telephony PABX, ISP Online, Data Protection, and a wide range of software & hardware

Database Solutions

Alliance Institute has a proud record of supporting South African business  for over twenty years...

We specialise in business management solutions: different firms have a different view of what “business management” entails, and because we don’t believe one size fits all our solutions are painstakingly moulded around your workplace.  This allows us to cater for all interpretations.

We’re active in most sectors, throughout South Africa.  Our team’s broad range of expertise ensures we can tackle any project with justifiable confidence – please ask our existing clients (references available).  

…you’re encouraged to contact us for a no charge consultation.      Click for more info